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We have reserved some new and very interesting breeds for your laying flocks this year.

1. Want All Female hens? 
Look for hybrid crosses that result in baby chicks that are easy to tell the sex of. The males are one color and the females are a different color, therefore no more little roos that you need to rehome! Look for this symbol for color sexed breeds.

2. Want interesting egg colors?
We've got new breeds coming that lay a rainbow of colors from blue, green, pink, cream to olive green and chocolate brown! 

3. Want a beautiful variety of adult birds in your flock? 
We've selected breeds to mix and match for beauty and good temperament.

*Layer hens range in price from $4-6 each. The more rare the breeds the higher the price. 

*We can special order chicks but there is a minimum of 5 birds per breed. Hatcheries do not have all the breeds available all of the time, therefore your hatch date must be flexible. Please be prepared to leave 100% deposit on special orders.

*Male chickens, turkeys, waterfowl, bantams and guinea fowl are all available by special order only. Call for price quotes and available hatch dates. 

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