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As we leave spring behind and move into the hot summer days we will be taking special orders for chicks as needed. From June 1st, you may request orders of baby poultry by contacting the store by phone at (916) 645-3638, or email at [email protected]

Special order requirements:

1) Minimums for different species are as follows:

                                chickens               25

                                bantams               30

                                turkeys                 20

                                ducks                    15

                                geese                     8

                                guineas                 25

2) You can mix/match different breeds in your order but please keep in mind the hatcheries require a minimum of five birds per breed.


YES:     20 Rhode Island Red pullets + 5 Ameraucana pullets = 25 Total        

NO:     15 Rhode Island Red pullets + 4 Ameraucana pullets (does not meet min of 5) = 19 Total (does not meet min of 25).

3) The hatcheries do not have all of the breeds available at all times, therefore your requested delivery date needs to be flexible. All special orders must be prepaid, and must be picked up promptly when they arrive.

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