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The outdoor water dish that stays full! Simply attach the 3/4 inch hose (included) to your garden hose, turn on the tap, and the bowl fills to the perfect drinking level. The automatic float controls the water level so there is no spilling or overflow. The bowl is automatically replenished every time your dog drinks, so the water always stays fresh. 


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Is your dog itchy, with hot spots, ear infections, diarrhea or licking paws?

Get lab results back and get your dog back in balance. We help you find the right foods and supplements.

DNA test reveals probable imbalances affecting your pet such as bacterial or fungal infections and more. You will receive a multi-page report listing food ingredients that are causing sensitivities as well as environmental triggers that should be avoided. Simple hair and saliva collection. You receive results within 10 days.

Vet recommended!


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